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How to install Anime ID Hentai v1.0 on your Android device

Anime ID Hentai  is not available on the Google Play Store so we need to manually install using the following steps:

  1. Enable non-Google Play Store app installation on your Android device.
    Settings>General tab>Security tab> Check Unknown Sources>Press OK
    Still having trouble? Try the Youtube video instructions.
  2. Download the application on your device:
    Can’t install the file? Try installing this  HTV hentai v1.1 x86 version.
  3. Press on the downloaded APK file to install.
  4. Open the HTV hentai v1.1 application and enjoy.

Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I can’t see videos! The app doesn’t work!

    A: Your Android device lacks a built-in video player. To fix this problem, go to the Google Play Store and download then install either BSPlayer or MXPlayer – then try HTV hentai again.

  • Q: Why does the app seem slow?

    A: Android hardware and software range greatly in performance. We are working on optimizing the app for speed, coming in version 2.0.

  • Q: Will there ever be an iOS app?

    A: We have a solution in the works for getting you guys the iOS app. It may require some additional effort.

  • Q: Can you guys add login/logout so we can view our favorite videos?

    A: Yes, this feature is important and is definitely on the roadmap for v2.0.

  • Q: When will v2.0 be released?

    A: “It will be done, when it’s done. ®” Seriously, the only project higher in priority is releasing HTV anime on Android and iOS.