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Upload Date March 28, 2018

Adaptation of the manga "Daraku Reijou Hakoiri Ojou-sama Netorare Choukyou Kiroku" authored Butagoya (Kemigawa) "Kemigawa Mondo"
He is an ordinary student who is madly in love with senpai, but she does not reciprocates his feelings. He soon finds network porn video with her participation...

 Year: 2017г.
Release date: 2017/04/07
Source: Manga
Genre: Ahegao, big tits, blackmail, impregnation, mind break, nakadashi, netorare, pregnant, sole female
Quality: WEB-1080PX
language: Subtitles
English name: Daraku Reijou Hakoiri Ojou-sama Netorare Choukyou Kiroku THE ANIMATION
Original name: 堕落令嬢 THE ANIMATION

Director: BOOTLEG

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