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Upload Date March 5, 2017

Big brother always has one ecchi eye on Chinatsu but he's never made a move!
But Chinatsu has created the perfect opportunity:

"Oniichan, let's play beach volleyball!
If I lose I'll do whatever you say for one whole day!"

His pants are already tight from the dirty thoughts.
When she makes a pledge like that... his body gives him away.

"I win. Oniichan! Hurry, get ready for my command."
His lips touch her for the first time.
There is no running away...

"This... oniichan, your thing...
it's so hot and big... hee hee.

"You want to do it with your own sister... Oniichan, you're so hentai..."

From here on, you'll have to watch the movie.

Don't miss this ch*npo slurping, cumpie orgasming precociously loving little sister
cleverly seduce and be seduced by big brother!

Make summer memories with imouto.

* Smooth illustration-style 3DCG animated H game!
* It's a 3D environment so you can see Chinatsu from multiple angles
* Over 80 cuts!
* Full animation & full voice!

Caressing, missionary, girl-on-top, doggy style, fellatio scenes...
Touch Chinatsu to add even more variety to the action!

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