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Upload Date February 28, 2017

The main protagonist of this hentai anime Satoshi - a very commonplace and ordinary University student. However, he lives in a female Dorm and not deprived of attention of local students. There are constantly accidents happen and a very negative aura. It was decided that if nothing changes within half a year, this building will be demolished, regardless of its state. To avoid such a disaster, Satoshi decides to make the girls life a positive and for this he has six months..

Year: 2015
Release date: 2015
Source: Original
Genre: Students, Big tits, Oral sex, Virgin, Cunnilingus, X-Ray
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subtitles
English name: Namaiki ~Kissuisou e Youkoso!~ The Animation
Original name: なまイキ ~生粋荘へようこそ!~ THE ANIMATION

Director: N/A
Studio: PinkPineapple, G-lam

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