OVA Megane no megami Episode 1
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Upload Date May 30, 2019

The protagonist of the story Hiro-kun-an ordinary Japanese boy who just loves girls with glasses. He was incredibly lucky, because Kurumizawa Hitomi his girlfriend and she is just incredibly sexy with glasses. Every day she sucks and licks his cock, makes an excellent paizuri their heavy milking and always while looking right into his eyes, thereby causing the guy to wild euphoria. Hitomi has just a great figure - a thin wasp waist, large elastic hips and incredibly voluminous Tits. Why she has so many "secret admirers" in the Academy, but she belongs only to our hero. However, Hitomi has a rival and this is her equally sexy sister, who also likes to wear glasses and who has "depraved plans" for a member of Hiro-kun...

Year: 2019 Year.
Release date: 2019/5/31
Source: Manga
Genre: Big tits, Oral sex, Glasses
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subbed
English name: OVA Megane no megami
Original name: OVAメガネnoメガミ

Director: Raika Ken
Studio: Lune, T-Rex

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