Mashou no Kao Episode 1 Uncensored
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Upload Date April 13, 2019

Cache Hayama really wants to have sex with his lover from childhood. But one day she transformed his dream into reality where neznanog and mysterious beauty with perfect Breasts and seductive eyes she is to him. The next day, Kaci returns from school and finds the same woman engaged in Masturbation in his room. His mother describes it as a Rake. Since her parents died in a car accident, Reika has been adopted to live in the family Kaci. But Kaci, becoming her sexual slave, knows that behind this woman there's some dark truth ... Will he be able to solve it?!?

Year: 2004
Release date: 2004
Source: Original
Genre: Female Students, Incest
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subtitles
English name: Two Facials of Eve / Mashou no Kao
Original name: 魔性の貌(かお) 魔性の貌[かお]

Director: Morishiba Jurin
Studio: Discovery

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