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Upload Date February 11, 2017

Studio Pink Pineapple does not cease to please their fans and releases a brand new hentai "Busou Shoujotai: Blade Briders". This animation was created on the basis of the same game and brought in themselves the same story. For the Terrans, it is the bad times - opened the wormhole allowed the alien creatures to attack Earth. The population lacked the capacity and technology to adequately reflect attack of the enemy and many were just waiting for their death. After a while, when most of humanity was destroyed, in the secret cave found heavy weapons, which became the salvation of the entire planet. After the war, people had hero - Rosa. This guy was able to tame the unknown device to fight the monsters! Check out this new hentai online in best quality and for free!

Year: 2015 г.
Release date: 2015
Source: Original
Genre: Sci-Fi, Big tits, Paizuri, Straight
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: Subtitles
English name: Busou Shoujotai: Blade Briders The Animation
Original name: 武想少女隊ぶれいど☆ブライダーズ

Director: Miyake Yuuichirou
Studio: pinkpineapple

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