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Upload Date January 17, 2019

"Ane Haramix / The Older Sister's Pregnant Mix" Having survived the death of their parents, the protagonist Takami Akitoshi stayed with the beautiful elder sister, Hitomi, one concealing from her his lust for her. One day, a mysterious girl enters his room. Her name is Mina. She Is Death. She explains him that she came to him to take his soul because he reached the limit of the duration of his life. Hearing his cry, Hitomi resorted to it. After she learns the situation, she asks, Mini to save it. Mina moved by her determination, and shows them a way to extend the duration of his life. If Akitoshi fertilize Hitomi within a week, she will give him another 10 year life. Ulysee her condition, he turns his face to Hitomi...

Year: 2006
Release date: 2006
Source: Vn Game
Genre: Comedy, fantasy, demon, shinigami, incest, brother-sister incest, anal, bdsm, bondage, whip, double penetration, lactation, pregnant, masturbation, sex toys, rape, strapon, yuri, urination, female student, virginity
Quality: Web-720px
language: Subtitles
English name: Ane Haramix The Older Sister's Pregnant Mix
Original name: 姉☆孕みっくす

Director: Fujimoto Jirou
Studio: Anime Antenna Iinkai, Pixy

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