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Upload Date January 2, 2017

Jotaro Saruwatari, often called "monkey" by his peers because of the "saru" in his family name, is your everyday teacher. Ever since the old principal at his school fell ill, the Vice Principal, Migiwa, has taken charge. Adding to Saruwatari's bad luck of the old principal's illness, the Fearful Fivesome, a band of five very mean-spirited female teachers (maybe just mean to him), have begun to torment him more frequently. After coming across an argument, Saruwatari is on the verge of getting fired. His only means of being able to continue teaching is to blackmail the Fearful Fivesome through videotaping their sexual situations. After obtaining the aid of the student body principal, Marimo Sakagami (who has a crush on him), Saruwatari and she exploit many plans and procedures to make sure Saruwatari stays in this school for good, and to make sure the Fearful Fivesome aren't so fearful anymore...

Year: 2004
Release date: 2004
Source: vn game
Genre: School, Female Students, Female Teachers, Blackmailing, Bondage
Quality: Web-720px
language: Subtitles
English name: Mejoku / Sextra Credit
Original name: めじょく

Director: Suginami Daifuku
Studio: Digital Works, Y.O.U.C. Kitty Media

Comments 2
  • Pretty brave rapist to stick his dick in victim's mouth. Luck for him about the crush. I remember one where the 3 students thought they broke a teacher and she bit one of their dicks off. Good laugh outta that one

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