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Angel Blade Episode 3 [Sub-ENG] Uncensored

Angel Blade Episode 3 [Sub-ENG] Uncensored

The outer lining of Earth may be rendered unlivable. Due to years upon a lot of pollution, humanity has been made to build cities to increase higher than the planet’s filthy surface and adjust to this new life-style. In addition, a sizable a thriving kingdom of mutants lurking under the billowing clouds of smog and pollution.
The best choice of those mutated monstrosities is really a powerful, busty woman known as Phantom Lady. She dispatches her minions to fight the folks above, benefiting from and raping younger ladies. Law enforcement will be aware of these demon rapists, but know nothing of these origins or the best way to stop them. Their hope lays within their city’s mysterious, magical, and sexually explicit savior, Angel Blade. With your ex deadly sword, provocative costume, and robust sense of justice, this jiggling juggernaut of justice will be whenever required to vanquish the Phantom Lady’s demonic horde%uFF0Dif she can gain control over her hormones, that is!

Year: 2001
Release date: Dec 13, 2001
Source: Vn Game
Genre: Action, Demons, Futanari, Big Breasts
Quality: WEB-720PX 
language: Subtitles
English name: Angel Blade
Original name: エンジェル・ブレイド

Director: Masami Obari
Studio: Vanilla, Frontline, Studio G-1NEO

Views: 554

Genre: Angel Blade