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Upload Date June 19, 2017

Three boys: Yuuichi, Takidani and Abiko. Three girls: Nagisa (Yuuichi's little sister), Kanami and Youko. This is the story of complicated feelings and love triangles between these six students during their last year in high school, as they discuss and settle down about their future, specially love.

Year: 2007
Source: Original
Genre: Growing up, harem, incest, love triangle, parenting, Unrequited Love,18 Restricted, Erotic Game, Female Student, Game, Nudity, Sex
Duration: 1ep. 27min.
language: Sub
Quality: WEB-720PX
Release date: 2007-08-25
Original name: ぴあ雀
English name: After... THE ANIMATION
Director: Oda Kansaburou, Yoda Takeshi
Studio: ??

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